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  • College of life science to welcome new students in 2015

    The new semester, a new starting point, and the orientation of a year. On the morning of September 1, our new work officially kicked off. This year, a total of 295 freshmen (22 people, master 121 people, undergraduate 152 people) to join the big family of the college of life science. To help new students smoothly fast the entrance formalities, college students work leading group elaborate organiza... fami

  • Students went to Qinling Mountains to have a filedwork

    In 22th June, all the freshmen of the College Of Life Science, Northwest university went to Xunyang in Shaanxi province Ankang city  Ningshan County dam to have a filedwork. fami

  • "The Campus Open Day" Activity of Northwest University Hold Successfully

    In order to let the students have a knowledge of the comprehensive ability of Northwest University, an accurate grasp of the enrollment policy, master enrollment information, choose the scientific and reasonable university and major so that the majority of parents and the community have a better knowledge of the Northwest University characteristics and recent development and change, our university... fami

  • 2014 Graduation Ceremony of College of Life Sciences was held grandly

    At 2:30 on June 17th 2014, Northwest University, College of Life Sciences, 2014 graduation ceremony held . The ceremony was attended by the leadership of guests: Dean of the School of Life Sciences Professor Li Baoguo,party secretary Yang Jing,  vice president of Professor Liu Xiaoguang, Professor Liu Wenzhe, Professor Zhu Hongli, Professor Liu Jianli. The ceremony chaired by the deputy ... fami



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